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Custom Glass

One of Hantronix many strengths include the intricate design and production of custom glass LCD panels. Hantronix has the experience and technology to develop your custom LCD needs. This includes incorporating low operating voltage, wide operating temperature range and robust polarizers . Other capabilities include multiple sided LCD panel to fit your product shape and silk screening on LCD glass surface. Hantronix tooling is competitive with short sample lead times. Please contact Hantronix or your local Hantronix Representative for your custom LCD requirements.

Custom Glass LCD Examples

Hantronix Custom GlassHantronix Custom GlassHantronix Custom GlassHantronix Custom GlassHantronix Custom GlassCustom Glass Drawing

Potential Applications

  • Portable test equipment
  • Measuring device
  • Diagnostics device
  • Automotive display
  • Medical equipment
  • Electric, water, gas meters
  • Marine equipment
  • Telecom products

Steps to develop Custom Glass LCD

  1. Clarify LCD Glass Physical Dimensions
    LCD Panel Check List
  2. Define Artwork of LCD Image: Segments / Icons
  3. Quotation
  4. Tooling Payment
  5. Counter Drawing (1~2 weeks)
  6. Sample Preparation (4~6 weeks)
  7. Production (14~16 weeks)