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Our LCD displays are available with either Twisted Nematic (TN) or Super Twisted Nematic (STN) fluid. STN is the newer technology and offers higher contrast and wider viewing angle than the TN fluid.
CONTRAST RATIO 6 : 1 9 : 1
As can be seen, a TN display has better response time, which is an advantage in applications where quick changes in motion in the image is needed.

Background Colors

The natural color for a TN display is gray with dark gray pixels but because of an optical effect an STN display has a yellow background with dark blue pixels. The background color in an STN display can be made to appear gray with the addition of a filter.
The color shift of an STN display can be completely compensated for by the addition of a special filter making the display appear black and white. This display type is called FSTN for Filtered STN.

Display Mode

Hantronix displays are available in either Positive or Negative mode. A positive mode display has dark pixels on a light background and the negative type has light pixels on a dark background. See Figure #1

LCD's Options

Figure #1.

Polarizer Type

Three polarizer types are available on our displays, transmissive, transflective and reflective. See Figure #2

LCD's Options

Figure #2.

A transmissive polarizer allows the backlight to shine through un attenuated and is used where the display is never used in bright light. As its name implies a transflective polarizer is partially transmissive and partially reflective. This allows a backlit display to be visible in ANY lighting condition and is the most popular type. The reflective cannot be used with a backlight but is very easy to see in a high ambient light condition.