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Optical Bonding

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What is Optical Bonding

The affixing of two rigid optical elements using transparent adhesive to reduce reflectance and provide vandal resistance.

Main Benefits

  • Provide sunlight readability without backlight modification
    • Reduce reflectance and refraction
    • Increase contrast ratio in high ambient light environment
    • Eliminate “wash-out” effect
    • Improve clarity & reduce “sparkles”
    • Allow more backlight to go through
    • No increase on power consumption or generated heat
  • Provide vandal resistance & better durability
    • Absorb impact (shock protection)
    • Provide better adhesion
    • Prevent water condensation & other contamination
    • Eliminate “green house” effect
    • Allow “over-frame” bezel design
  • Reduce parallax error
  • Require only 1 AR on top for optimum optical performance