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ABOUT LCD'S (Tech Talk)

  • Learn how LCD's work. A short tutorial covering the theory of LCD's.
  • Learn about the anatomy of an LCD module showing the differences in construction with various back  lights.
  • Need help in sorting through the various back light options? We also chart the polarizer, display mode and backlight options to help in selecting the right combination for your application.
  • Two temperature range options are available and are described here. Power supply and temperature compensation circuits are also shown.
  • Other display options. We discuss fluid types (TN/STN), colors, polarizer types and display mode (Negative or Positive).
  • Having trouble initializing your character display? Here is a flow chart and an application note to assist you.
  • Character module command set. A table of the control commands and their uses.
  • Processor interfacing. A discussion of the character module interface timing and several examples of interfaces with popular processors.
  • Power supply sequencing. A description of how to accomplish this important function.
  • Handling and cleaning precautions and procedures.
  • Life expectancy data on LCD module components.